• Natural Gas Procurement  On behalf of an electric generation developer in the Northeast, solicited natural gas supplies (242,000 Dth
           per day) and evaluated transportation options for two power plants under development.
  • Power Plant Transactions Due Diligence  Provided fuel market and infrastructure support to a number of sellers and buyers of
           electric generation facilities, and evaluated fuel requirements and infrastructure commitments. Provided gas and oil price forecasts for
           use in developing forward power curves for valuation purposes.
  • Natural Gas Storage Investment Assessment  For an institutional client, estimated the revenue potential associated with the
           planned acquisition of underground gas storage fields. Our approach used probabilistic modeling in conjunction with an analysis of
           existing contracts, and estimated the intrinsic and potential extrinsic revenue of the storage fields to support bid development.
  • Buying oil and LP companies Involved in the acquisition of retail and wholesale propane and heating oil distributors in the northeastern US.