• Natural Gas Royalty Dispute  On behalf of a consortium of producers, provided expert analysis and a report, in a matter before ICSID,
           regarding the appropriate method for determining the reference price necessary to calculate the royalty payments for natural gas
           produced and exported as LNG. Pluspetrol et al v. Perupetro ICSID Case No. ARB/12/28.
  • LNG Contract Price Arbitration  Served as an expert witness in an UNCITRAL arbitration on behalf of an Atlantic Basin LNG supplier
           seeking a price adjustment under an LNG supply agreement. Analyses and testimony covered netback calculations, loss estimates, and
           the calculation of the embedded option value of the buyer’s right to divert cargoes.
  • Force Majeure Dispute  On behalf of Eni Gas Marketing, submitted an expert report and testified in deposition and at trial (Superior Court
           of New Jersey – Middlesex County) regarding the appropriate declaration of force majeure under a firm NAESB natural gas contract.
           Hess v. ENI, MID-L-6149-10
  • Class Certification  Submitted an expert report and deposition testimony in support of the defendants’ opposition to the plaintiffs’ motions
           for class certification in the matter In re Western States Wholesale Natural Gas Antitrust Litigation MDL1566.
  • Forward Sales Contract Litigation  On behalf of JPMorgan Chase, provided expert testimony in a civil litigation regarding the enforcement
          of guarantees of Enron's performance under a number of forward crude oil and natural gas sales contracts. JPMorgan Chase v. Liberty
    ​      Mutual Insurance Co
    ., No. 01 Civ. 11523 (S.D.N.Y.)