• Market Analyses for Proposed LNG Terminals  On behalf of multiple project sponsors, analyzed the natural gas markets and expected
           market impacts associated with the development of new LNG receiving and re-gasification terminals proposed for the U.S. West Coast.
           Estimated changes in gas prices, relevant basis values, and gas flows, and developed strategies for penetrating target markets.
           Estimated the price indifference boundaries for each proposed terminal as a proxy for estimating the likely market penetration.

  • Fueling Equipment  On behalf of an equipment manufacturer, evaluated the market penetration of competing vapor recovery systems for
           vehicle fueling equipment following allegations of lost market share due to false advertising.
  • Alleged Price Gouging in Retail Gasoline Markets  At the request of a market regulator, provided analyses that benchmarked gasoline
           prices at various sized, retail gasoline stations against prices derived from an empirical analytical model. Demonstrated that higher prices
           were to be expected at gasoline stations with lower throughput, and that actual prices were in line with analytical expectations.

  • Regional LNG Market Assessment  Provided a comprehensive assessment of the Atlantic Basin LNG markets. This
           study assessed the potential demand, logistical costs and considerations, price forecasts, and longer term development concerns,
           including the political stability associated with revitalizing the Atlantic Basin LNG market in the early 80's.