• Fuel Procurement Risk Management Strategy  For Comisión Federal de Electricidad, co-led a team that provided advice on
           integrating generation fuel (natural gas, oil, and coal) procurement and risk management functions. Defined a risk management
           function and identified business models (and related software), as well as methods of transferring risk managed benefits to
           customers. Reviewed fuel purchase and sales contracts, and made recommendations regarding the appropriate price references,
           indices, and structures, with a particular focus on basis differentials.

  • FTC Auditor  Tasked by the Federal Trade Commission to ensure that a third-party, natural gas marketer had non-discriminatory
           access to certain portions of the MichCon distribution system. Ensured that the LDC’s policies and procedures did not create
           barriers to the third party, who held an easement to use the MichCon system, and that access was maintained.

  • Utility Experience  While employed by LDCs, GCI personnel held responsibility for natural gas demand forecasting, market
           development, safe and reliable operation of distribution systems (Gas Control), natural gas procurement and portfolio
           management, restructuring gas resource portfolio in response to FERC Order No. 636, and transactions with large end-users and
    off-system customers. Participated in the development and implementation of strategies related to the consolidation of natural gas
           utilities in New England.