Regulatory Proceedings
For utilities in North America, much of the market activity and competition takes place within a regulatory framework. GCI brings its expertise to bear on topics such as prudence reviews of fuel portfolio management; natural gas procurement and transportation contracting – including asset management agreements (FERC Order 712); development and review of Integrated Resource Portfolio (“IRP”) plans; and pipeline and LDC rate proceedings before state and federal jurisdiction. View Examples

Asset Transactions
Buying, selling, or developing electric generation facilities requires a thorough understanding of whether sufficient fuel is available at competitive prices and the required level of reliability. Proximity of a generation plant to fuel infrastructure does not necessarily mean that fuel will be available when needed, or at required delivery rates and pressures. GCI has extensive experience in reviewing fuel supply arrangements and developing new ones. View Examples

Commercial Disputes
Commercial disputes arise around a variety of issues such as, the validity of force majeure claims, accurate determination of royalty payments, and whether contract prices are in need of adjustment. GCI brings its practical expertise in natural gas and LNG markets to these and other topics, and to the calculation of adjustments or damages. View Examples

Market Assessments
The investment required to access energy markets can be very large, and often fixed to one location. Investments in LNG markets, expanding LDC distribution systems, or acquiring infrastructure should be backed with a solid assessment of the potential markets and risks. GCI provides its experience in market assessment to developers of energy infrastructure projects looking for an independent and objective view of an existing or potential market. View Examples

Operational Support
GCI has lengthy experience in contracting for and managing fuel supply, transportation, and storage contracts. For those firms not requiring this capability on a permanent basis, GCI provides services associated with reviewing or auditing contracts, and contract management for fuel supplies and transportation. View Examples